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Penny Tresse  

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Penny's Bio

Themes of stillness, presence and reflection are revealed throughout Penny Treese’s paintings.

The interplay of molten unbleached beeswax and vivid pigment beget images of land and sea, sea and sky. Using an iron and blowtorch to apply heat and delicate pressure, Treese transforms wax into warm waves of color flowing across wood or paper. Golds fade, blues burst, pinks evoke. Treese’s intentional “spot welds” are smudges of memory, inklings of dreams, revealing dapples, dimples and wrinkles that birth a sun, moon, cloud or ethereal dragons and angels. Even as Treese envisions the rich soil and pastures of her Midwestern roots, by meticulously manipulating wax and paint, the land becomes fluid — echoing life’s constant ebbs and flows. And yet, like the underlying layers of wax and pigment in each painting, there is a foundational hope. A hope expressed in the truth that circumstances cannot touch true peace, that indeed “grace is sufficient.”

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