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Donna Cassaro Hughes  

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Donna's Bio

It is rare for painters to have the ability to switch from style and subject with equal talent, but Donna Cassaro- Hughes projects the fact that she is an accomplished artist by her masterful use of contrasting values.

In her landscape paintings, shafts of light penetrate the haunting darkness creating a feeling that hope and renewal, like the first signs of daybreak, will soon overtake the somberness of the scene.

With similar use of light and contrast, complimented by fresh color of the lips and clothing, her portraits capture more than a flattering "likeness" to the sitter. They project an attitude with an edge, an unabashed sense of style and extreme self-confidence.

Donna received her BFA at Manhattan's School of Visual Arts and is a member of the Atlanta Portrait Society.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, New York 1988-91


First Place, Pall Corporation Art Exhibit, 1990-93

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