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April Riley  

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Florals and Nature

April's Bio

April Riley’s exposure to virtually every medium of fine art began when she was a young child. However, it wasn’t until she was 50 that she picked up her first brush and began to explore her innate talent for artistic expression. Before she took her first art class, she was already adept at creating evocative color palettes and sensitive compositions. She had the eye; all she needed were the techniques. Her formal studies only served to enhance her natural talents.
April has always been more about the painting process than the subject matter. She explores different tools, lines, and ways to vary brushstrokes to interpret familiar subjects. Working primarily in acrylics, she is able to drip, scrape, and paint-over using brushes, pallet knives, cardboard, and sponges.
April has an intuitive’ approach to art. She strives not for realism, but for dramatic interpretations of people and things. While working on a painting, she may step back and notice that one element needs some work. But before she’s through, the entire painting may have changed with each new element affecting those that surround it. This may happen several times before she is satisfied that the work is finished.
Her loose elements and unpredictable brush strokes express the joy of discovery she feels when painting., Combined with her interesting use of color she seems to capture the essence of her subject matter.
April explains, “I love the creative process, and when it works, I’m joyful.”

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